Jan 30, 2013

15 Wonderful Websites That Shows The Power of HTML5

HTML5 has made things better in many ways. It is basically described as a very efficient and amazing mark-up language that serves multiple purposes very easily. While the basic use of this mark-up language is to present the content on the World Wide Web, there have been a lot of new improvements and additions to the various uses of HTML5.

All the new websites have been using this language and all the good things that can be used from HTML5 can be very easily used by the website owners. The basic reason because of which all the websites are greatly using the features and specifications of HTML5 are because of the reasons that this language that has some amazing advantages, that really make it stand out from others.

The basic advantage is that it really helps in improving the language along with best support for the latest multimedia which is also its core or main aim. It also keeps the multimedia which is improved effectively readable by the people and also easily understood by the computers or other devices at the same time. HTML also adds a lot of new syntactic features. With great help from HTML5 most of the recently developed or launched websites such as handy test, Oscar Charlie and various others have been in great advantage and have been able to give a better presentation in all to the users and viewers.

1) Arunnm

2) Vuljevasart

3) Datavinci

4) Rome

5) The Wilderness Down Town

6) Oscar Charlie

7) this shell

8) CNN Ecosphere

9) jibca

10) Webknit

11) Pierrickcalvez

12) Ciroc

13) Kalixo

14) The Good man

15) Zippergaleria

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  • I like the video on the “this shell” site. Very cool!

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