Aug 9, 2012

15 New and Powerful CSS Techniques for Designers

CSS is the abbreviation or the short form used to describe cascading style sheets that are basically used very effectively to define the semantics of the presentation which is the look and formatting of a document which is initially written in a markup language. It is the most commonly used application for designing web pages that are written in either HTML or XHTML.

It enables the separation of a content of a document from the presentation of the document which may include layouts, colors or even fonts. What the separating does is that it provides better accessibility, more flexibility and also better control. There are a lot of techniques available in CSS. These techniques are not only applicable and useful for CSS but also for JavaScript and HTML in addition. These new techniques are completely practical and interesting at the same time. Using these amazing and outstanding techniques can create a lot of effects that are unbelievable.

Today we are going to share new and fresh CSS techniques that helps web designers and developers to make their next project more impressive and effective. A few days ago, we covered some best fallback methods of CSS, tools of CSS and presentation framework of CSS and many more. Also share your thought in our comment section below.


1) Confirmation Feedback Buttons

2) A Clean Calendar in CSS3 jQuery

3) CSS Diagnostics

4) Tabbed Navigation

5) Menu with Notification Badges

6) CSS3 Facebook Buttons

7) Youtube Popup Buttons

8) Viewport Sized Typography

9) Circle Navigation Effect

10) Timeline Comments 

11) Text Shadow Property

12) Selectively Displaying Data

13) css-pointer-events-and-a-pure-css3-animating-tooltip

14) double-click-in-css

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