Jul 27, 2012

12 Premium HTML5 Canvas Applications

HTML5 is a markup language which is basically used for structuring and also presenting the content for the World Wide Web. It is an important and core technology of internet and is the fifth version of HTML standards which is Hypertext Markup language .It helps in improving the language with the help of the usage of latest multimedia while it keeps the language very simple and easily readable at the same time.

The most amazing and the latest feature of HTML 5 is the canvas animation. It is an absolutely amazing feature as it allows for dynamic and scriptable rendering of the shapes that are 2D and also bitmap images. It makes it very easy and also powerful at the same time to draw images and a wonderful way to draw graphics also.

The canvas provides the users with a drawing region which is basically defined in a HTML code and has height and width attributes. It also has made available a full set of drawing functions which is easily accessible by the JavaScript codes. This is what allows generating graphics dynamically.

Thus the canvas is a very helpful and important feature and it helps to create images, graphs and animation and even games. This technology has been adopted by HTML 5 but was originally introduced by apple. It uses a large number of various methods for boxes, circles, characters and also for inserting images.

A few days ago, we had covered some best resources/tools, best HTML5 games, canvas applications for HMTL5, that are most useful for designers and developers. Visit this list and share your thought in our comment section below.

1) Interactive 3D Cg Gallery HTML5

2) HTML5 Image Transitions jQuery Plugin

3) HTML5 Signature Pad to Image

4) HTML5 Canvas Carousel

5) jQuery HTML5 Buttons

6) Neon Text Effects jQuery Plugin

7) HTML5 Preload Animations

8) jQuery Gradient Creator

9) Shiner HTML5 Canvas Glow Effects jQuery Plugin

10) Gravity Gallery HTML5 jQuery Plugin

11) jQuery Blend Modes

12) jQuery Shining Image

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