Oct 27, 2012

10 Useful Techniques and Tutorials for PHP Programmers

PHP can basically be defined as a general purpose scripting language for the server side and it was basically designed for the important purpose of web development. With the help of PHP dynamic and amazing web pages can be very easily created which is an amazing feature of PHP.

This is also one of the very first scripting languages of the server side which was used to be embedded in a document of HTML source. It thus became the most popular and also the most widely used server side scripting language among the entire web developers.

The reason for this is also that it is very easy to learn for all the developers and does not incur any additional cost to the developers so any developer can use it easily and free of any burden of costing. The developers can also refer to the internet for a detailed synopsis and information about PHP. They can get major details about PHP that might be very important for them from the internet totally free of cost by going thoroughly through the various types of tutorials that are available on the internet.


1) Caching Dynamic PHP Pages Easily

It’s not a good idea to go away and cache your entire site, you need to think about which pages receive high traffic, and which pages make a number of database requests. Static HTML pages aren’t going to see a benefit from caching and may in fact be served slower due to PHP invoking the request to the cached version.

2) PHP Secure Login Tips and Tricks

Every website on the internet faces a similar threat, hackers. Every single website can be a target of a hacker if security measures aren’t implemented properly especially when it comes to login pages where our most sensitive data are being held. Hence, there is a need to better understand how well your login page has been implemented to be considered as really secure. In this article, you will get a list of PHP secure login tips and tricks that will definitely help you decide on your secure rating of your login page.

3) Reading Excel Sheet in PHP

This article will learn on how we can read Microsoft Excel Sheet in PHP. To achieve this, using Open Source Tool PHPExcelReader. It provides us with necessary API that allow us to read the Excel Sheet in PHP.

4) HTML Scrapper in PHP

Sometimes we want to extract the HTML content of the remote website page, this technique is called as HTML scrapper. This article will discuss on how we can extract the HTML content of the remote webpage.

5) File Upload in PHP

Here uploader.php is a simple script that uploads the file to the temporary cache of PHP & then moves it to a pre-determined directory under the ROOT of website.

6) PHP  Copy Directory From Source to Destination

To copy a directory source to a destination directory you will need to scan the source directory with all files and directory and copy to the destination.

7) Use PHP to Gzip CSS Files

Using Gzip and PHP we can minimise file sizes of CSS files. This technique is a powerful and simple way to reduce page download size and speed up your site that will work with most PHP installations

8) Backup Database XML PHP

Backing up data is extremely important. Most of the time the database is the most important piece of the puzzle. Imagine losing all of the data in your database — it would be tragic. Here’s a PHP snippet that outputs your database as XML.

9) PHP HTTP Authentication

The code needs to go right at the top of your php page so don’t get ‘Headers Already Sent’ errors. You can see that we’ve specified the username and password in the variables at the top of the script you can change these to reflect your own username and password.

10) Automatic Face Detection with PHP

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