Oct 8, 2012

10 Useful Platform Specific Code Repositories

Given below are some of the code representatives that are dedicated to a single language or platform. In case you are stuck in any function or even general repositories have failed you then these are amazing and excellent resources that can be used. Not only this but code snippets can also be kept and you can even share them with others .Most of the general repositories are small and there are only a couple hundred snippets.

Its our pleasure to share best websites from where web developers can get useful tools/resources and make their task easy and fast. A few days ago, we introduced some best sites for code snippets that helps developers a lot, development tools that helps in their next project, development platform for programmers and many more.

We thankful to our readers for appreciate our previous article and share their valuable comments. Today we are going to share highly useful platform specific code repositories for developers. Please visit this list about code snippets repositories and share your views in our comment section below.

1) Code Snippets for PHP Developers

They have compiled a small list of some useful code snippets which might help you when writing your PHP scripts.

2) Django Snippets

Welcome to Djangosnippets.org, a site for users of the Django web framework to come together and share useful “snippets” of reusable code.

3) PHPsnips

This site goal is to help developers, experienced and beginning, to learn and connect and help each other grow. We hope you enjoy the new site just as much as we enjoyed making it.

4) Codeproject

5) PHP Classes

6) DotNet Slackers

Welcome to DotNetSlackers, providing you with the latest .NET news and articles, free blogs to express yourself about .NET and active forums to ask for or give help.

7) SWT

Snippets are minimal stand-alone programs that demonstrate specific techniques or functionality. Often a small example is the easiest way to understand how to use a particular feature. (If you are looking for large examples, like ControlExample, see the SWT Examples, and if you are programming with JFace, you may find theseJFace Snippets useful).

8) Rubyforge Snippets

9) Greasespot Code Snippets 

10) Code Beach

The goal of this site is to create a central repository where Mac developers can share pieces of useful code (like custom controls, formatters, categories) which is easier to search/use than forums or mailing lists.

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