Sep 20, 2012

10 Useful Cheat Sheet For WordPress Users

WordPress is a very effective blogging tool and it is absolutely free and open source. WordPress is an amazing and a dynamic content management system that is CMS. WordPress is very much based on PHP or even MySQL. It has various features that are very important and essential which includes a plugin architecture and also a template system in addition.

Word press has become very common among the people in very short span of time and especially among the blog writers because it makes it very easy for them to update their website or blog. WordPress is also very useful to other people apart from the bloggers such as the developers because they can easily rely on this software for its reliability and also flexibility.

WordPress cheat sheets can be widely used for theme development.WordPress cheats sheets are of various types and categories such as word press theme anatomy model cheat sheet, SEO for word press model cheat sheet and various other cheat sheets that are very important and helpful.

Today we come up with some highly useful cheat sheet for WordPress users that helps theme developers a lot. A few days ago, we had covered some beautiful wordpress theme, templates, fonts, icons and many more. Visit this list and get knowledge about wordpress. Also share your thought in our comment section below.

1) WordPress Theme Development Cheat Sheet

2) WordPress Cheat Sheets Theme Anatomy Model 

3) WordPress Theme Development Check List

4) The Advanced WordPress Help Sheet

5) WordPress Cheatsheet What you need to know in one sheet

6) WordPress Template File

7) WP Theme Tags 

8) Wordpress SEO Cheat Sheet

9) WP Plugin API

10) WordPress 3 CheetSheet

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