Oct 28, 2012

10 New Google Chrome Extensions

People have been very keen these days on using a good web browser. Internet explorer is definitely a good browser and there are no doubts about that but Google chrome is much more than a web browser. It can offer much more than such web surfing. It has various apps in its app store that are great for providing entertainment value.

It has thus been able to occupy the space as the best browser because people all over the world and have loved its apps. The Google chrome browser is very responsive and has various other advantages such as it does not crash easily because it has special security system that has the ability to prevent crashing effectively.

Chrome browser has been greatly supported by HTML 5 and also it has a built in flash.  Apart from all this Google chrome also has introduced some extensions which have increased its advantages and also has become the best browser.  It has various extensions that are useful for all the people. Whether you are looking for entertainment or something related to your work Google chrome is to offer all of the leading apps.

Another important thing is that these extensions that are offered by chrome browser are absolutely free. This time we have shared new and awesome Google Chrome Extensions for our readers. Please have a look at them and share your thoughts in our comments section below.

1. Quick Note

Quick Note is especially designed for lightweight note-taking. You can use it as a simple notepad,  scratchpad, clipboard, or to record todo lists.

2. Box 

Accessing and sharing important files from anywhere, on any device: That’s what Box is all about. Whether you’re on your desktop, laptop, Android phone/tablet, you name it – with Box, you get 5GB free to access content where you are, not where your office is.

3. AutoCAD WS

View, edit, and share DWG drawings through your web browser with the AutoCAD WS web and mobile application. Store drawings and project files in an easy-to-access online workspace. Share and collaborate easily with others; there’s no software required, and it’s free.

4. NPR Infinite Player

The stories you love from Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Fresh Air, All Songs Considered, Talk of the Nation, Tell Me More, TED Radio Hour, and more, optimized for Chrome.

5. Speed Dial

Enjoy the new Speed Dial for Google Chrome with a fast and intuitive design. Set the number of dials in the page, select your desired theme and background image,
and now use site logos as your speed dials.

6. WOT

Web of Trust (WOT) shows you with intuitive traffic lights which websites you can trust for safe surfing, shopping and searching on the web. WOT ratings are powered by millions of users who rate websites based on their experiences. Third-party sources are also used to warn you about malware and other technical threats. You will see a green, yellow or red icon next to search results when you use Google, Yahoo, or Bing, on links in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, and other popular sites like Wikipedia.

7. Talk.to

Talk.to is a FREE multi protocol instant messaging (MIM) platform that lets you chat with your friends across Google Talk, Facebook, and with people at your workplace using Pingpong (powered by Talk.to)

8. LastPass

LastPass is a free online password manager and Form Filler that makes your web browsing easier and more secure. LastPass supports Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari as a browser extension (and Opera, Opera Mini and more via Bookmarklets).

9. Hojoki

Make all your cloud apps work as one. Integrate Google Drive, Dropbox and more into one newsfeed and collaborate with team members. Get push notifications and discuss your work as it happens. Works with Google Drive & Calendar, Dropbox, Evernote and many other productivity apps.

10. Breezi – Powerful Website Builder

Breezi gives you pixel-level control in creating & managing a website quickly. With Breezi you can design your pages with granular control, drag-and-drop content using Apps, and customize the layouts however you’d like. To start out, you pick from a number of grid-based wireframes or pre-designed themes as starting points. Then you take full control in creating your website.

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    Google Chrome on the desktop and Google Chrome running on Google TV have been intentionally crippled by Google to disallow the use of the official W3C standard XSLT that is used to transform XML from RSS and Media RSS into HTML5.

    Google has also done the same to the de facto standards RSS and Media RSS themselves which have been crippled for use with Chrome.

    Apparently, Google has crippled Chrome because Google is sucking up to the Hollywood Jews that control the movie industry and the New York Jews that control TV media that do not want any of us to be able to broadcast our own channels to connected TV sets.


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