Nov 2, 2012

10 Javascript Framework/Libraries for Developers

JavaScript is very popular among people all over the world. It is basically defined .it is very dynamic .Also, it is very weakly typed and first class functions. Javascript is a multi paradigm language and supports object oriented, imperative and functional programming styles. Javascript is also used as a client side scripting.

JavaScript is therefore implemented as a part of the web browser. This is to provide enhanced user interfaces and dynamic websites. With the help of this programmatic access to computational objects can be obtained within the host environment. Along with that JavaScript has a lot of other advantages to offer that cannot be ignored for instance its use in applications such as PDF documents, site specific browsers and desktop widgets is an example of newer and faster java script.

JavaScript frameworks, this is the ways where you can make your script or code in few simple steps. Some popular JavaScript framework/libraries such as YUI, Prototype, Jquery, Raphael, MooTools used by developers.

In this list we have listed best JavaScript frameworks and libraries to save your time on finding out. I hope you will appreciate this article showcases top 10 best javascript framework libraries for web designers and developers. You can share your views in our comments section below.


1) jQuery JavaScript Library



2) MooTools JavaScript FrameWork


3) Adobe Spry- Ajax Framework


4)SproutCore-JavaScript Framework


5)JavaScriptMVC- javaScript Framework


6) Raphael- JavaScript Library


7) DHTMLX- JavaScript Library


8 ) Rico – Ajax Framework


9) YUI Yahoo- JavaScript And CSS Library


10) Prototype- JavaScript Framework


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