May 19, 2012

10 Best Free Admin Plugins For WordPress Users

WordPress can be defined as a free and open source tool for blogging and a dynamic content management system that is CMS. Till date word press is the most important and the most widely used CMS. The most important reason for it becoming the most popular and widely used is that it is very friendly with users but not only that the administrators are also comfortable using it.

The wordpress plugins are very useful for the administrators in many ways. It can easily enhance and even optimize the blog of the administrators. The administrators can easily update or enhance their website using these but the features of the wordpress need to be updated from time to time.


It is not very difficult to extend the core features of wordpress using the plugins. The plugins are very useful as they help to extend only those areas that you need to. Also another advantage of these plugins is that they are freely downloadable and can be used efficiently to enhance word press websites.

Today we introduced some best free wordpress admin plugins for wordpress users. These are the free plugins that helps admin in different way like security, wordpress tweak and many more. Also share your thought in our comment section below.


1) Content Audit

2) Edit Flow

3) Codepress Admin Columns

4) Admin Management Xtended

As a whole, the new WordPress Admin panel is organized fairly well, however when it comes to editing posts or pages quickly without having to open each post or page in a new tab or window, it isn’t a very efficient process.

5) Wordpress Tweaks

6) WordPress Admin Bar Improved

This plugin has been completely re-written to interface with the WP 3.1 admin bar, and adds some much requested / great features to the WP Admin Bar. Due to API changes in WP 3.3, this plugin is no longer compatible with earlier versions of WordPress.

7) Custom Admin Branding

8 ) Login Lockdown

9) WP Security Scan

10) Peters Post Notes

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